WEEKLY ACTIVITIES (see Calendar for details)
Sunday Morning Worship                              10:00 AM
Thursday Bible Study                                       6:30 PM
Food Distribution, 2nd and 4th Saturday     10:00 AM
The Assemblies of God is about people, people experiencing the presence, power, and purpose of God in their lives. Some 30 million people, from all walks of life and races, worship in Assemblies of God churches around the world. Young and old, married and single, parents and children, they have one thing in common: a desire to know and please God and share His blessings with still other people.   
The Assemblies of God is people who believe in the God of the Bible and believe He is working in today's world. The three-fold mission of our church explains what we're all about: evangelism (to those who don't know God); discipleship (every Christian systematically growing as a follower of Jesus Christ); and worship to God. 
When visiting the San Bernardino Mountains, we invite you to worship with us at Running Springs Assembly of God Church.
Pastor Gerry and his wife, Karen, invite you to worship with us. Join our happy Church family. Want to get in touch with the Pastor or learn more about our church?
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Mission Statement 
Our mission is to worship the three-in-one God in the freedom of the Holy Spirit; to study the Bible on which we base our faith; to evangelize our community so they know that this is a place they can come to encounter God; to support missionaries who are spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the world; and to fellowship with other believers, building one another’s faith and holding one another accountable.
Vision Statement 
After all is said and done, through faith in Christ, we will accomplish His purpose for our lives, we will fulfill the Great Commission—that we may all stand together and hear His words: “Well done my good and faithful servants.”